STEP Volunteers contribute $2 million in time to fish programs in 2016-17

Volunteers for the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program (STEP) made tremendous contributions to fish culture, habitat improvement, monitoring efforts and education this past year.

The 3,850 adults and 2,250 youths provided the equivalent of $2.1 million in 2016-17 to improve fish and angling for Oregonians throughout the state.

STEP volunteers:

  • Reared or released 3.8 million Chinook and coho salmon, steelhead and trout. Of these, nearly 2.2 million fish were fed and cared for by STEP volunteers before release, and 7,000 fish were collected for broodstock.
  • Improved more than 500 miles of waterways for fish in fish passage, in-stream, riparian and fish carcass placement projects, and through the Keep Oregon Rivers Clean program.
  • Provided trainings, classes, tours, presentations, workshops and public events. About 57,800 people were involved in STEP educational activities. Oregon is number two in the nation for classrooms using incubators for our Fish Eggs-to-Fry program.
  • Logged 7,250 hours on 95 projects that provided inventory and monitoring, including assessing sports fisheries, conducting fish passage inspections and surveying stream and river habitat.

The Oregon Legislature established STEP in 1981 to “achieve the recovery and sustainability of the state’s native salmon and trout through the education of Oregon’s citizens and their involvement with fish management efforts.”

Since then, more than 370,000 volunteers have contributed 3.75 million hours on 42,200 projects.

For the full version of the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program 2016-17 Legislative Report, visit

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