ODFW realigns advisory committee territories, seeks volunteers

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife seeks volunteers for its Salmon and Trout Advisory Committee. The positions include those created or changed during territory realignment approved by Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission in December.

STAC, which advises the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program, is comprised of 13 volunteers who make recommendations to ODFW and the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The realignment added a position to the Upper Umpqua area. Boundaries were adjusted in the Mid-Coast and Willamette areas to better align with geopolitical boundaries, population centers, and volunteer efforts. One position in the North Coast was eliminated.

STEP is seeking volunteers in the Umpqua, Upper Rogue, Southern Mid-Coast/Lower Umpqua and South Willamette territories. Interested people should apply by Feb. 28.

STAC, established in 1981, holds three to four public meetings annually, at various locations across Oregon. Members receive updates on STEP programs in the area, handle business, recognize volunteers, listen to public comment and review and approve mini-grant requests.

Applicants who can travel at least four times a year, are involved with local fishing groups, and have previous experience working with volunteers or in community service are encouraged to apply.

The ideal candidate for:

  • Upper Rogue will live within the territory that primarily includes Jackson and Josephine Counties.
  • Umpqua will be a resident of the territory that covers the entire Umpqua Basin above Elkton and extends from Diamond Lake in the Cascades west to Elkton.
  • Southern Mid-Coast/Lower Umpqua will live in the southern portion of the territory that includes the central Oregon Coast basins from south of Yachats to the Coos County line just south of Reedsport.
  • South Willamette will be a resident of the territory that includes the headwaters of the Willamette (including the McKenzie, Middle Fork, and Coast Fork), the upper Siuslaw and upper Long Tom Rivers. To the west of I-5 this includes all of Lane County from a north south line that roughly extends through Triangle Lake and Walton.

For application materials, visit the “How to Apply” section on http://www.oregon.gov/gov/admin/Pages/How_To_Apply.aspx

More information on this announcement, STAC, and STEP can be found at http://www.dfw.state.or.us/fish/STEP or by contacting Kevin Herkamp, ODFW Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program Coordinator, at (503)947-6232 or kevin.herkamp@state.or.us.


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