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Collaborative Coquille project brings opportunities for fish and recreation

At the new Coquille Valley Wildlife Area on the southern Oregon coast, hunters can get their limit of ducks and other waterfowl. Anglers can catch bass, bluegill, catfish and crappie. Photographers and wildlife watchers can spot a variety of species.

“This particular area is one that has a lot of natural resources in it in terms of bird life and fish life, and in the past it’s been all privately controlled and largely inaccessible,” said Stuart Love, district wildlife biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and manager of the Coquille Valley Wildlife Area. “This allows public access to public lands in an area where there were essentially no public lands before.” Continue Reading →

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ODFW sets its eight free fishing days for 2018

Get a chance to discover your love for fishing, crabbing or clamming without the commitment during Oregon’s free fishing days in 2018.

Each year, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offers eight specific days where Oregon residents and visitors can fish for free anywhere in Oregon without a license, tag or endorsement. Continue Reading →

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ODFW realigns advisory committee territories, seeks volunteers

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife seeks volunteers for its Salmon and Trout Advisory Committee. The positions include those created or changed during territory realignment approved by Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission in December.

STAC, which advises the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program, is comprised of 13 volunteers who make recommendations to ODFW and the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The realignment added a position to the Upper Umpqua area. Boundaries were adjusted in the Mid-Coast and Willamette areas to better align with geopolitical boundaries, population centers, and volunteer efforts. One position in the North Coast was eliminated. Continue Reading →

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Projects prioritize angling success

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Restoration & Enhancement program has improved fish and fishing throughout Oregon since it began in 1989.

When fishing licenses are purchased in Oregon, a portion is dedicated to R&E. An advisory board makes recommendations on funding each year, allocating $2 to $3 million annually to projects that benefit sport and commercial fisheries. Continue Reading →

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R&E funds improve hatcheries

The board of directors for ODFW’s Restoration & Enhancement program makes having strong runs of salmon a priority.

To make this happen, R&E has worked strategically with other state agencies and outside partners to complete long-deferred maintenance at hatcheries throughout Oregon. Fees collected as part of angler licenses make this possible. Continue Reading →

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R&E funds make improvements to access and opportunities for Oregon anglers

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and other organizations throughout the state, continue to improve boating and angling in Oregon lakes, rivers and streams. Here are a few highlights of recent and ongoing improvements in the northeastern part of the state:


Wallowa Watershed District

Kinney Lake and Weaver Pond –  Parking areas for both fishing sites received upgrades in early December. The project included leveling surfaces, filling potholes and adding large rock and small gravel. It was intended to “make nicer surfaces” in areas that were previously muddy, said Kyle Bratcher, ODFW assistant district fish biologist. Continue Reading →

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