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Bucket biology and its impact on Oregon’s fisheries (Part 2)

Bucket Biology

At Howard Prairie reservoir in Southern Oregon, there once was a robust rainbow trout fishery.

“They grew really well and the trout fishery absolutely thrived,” said District Fish Biologist Dan Van Dyke, about the 350,000 rainbow trout released into the reservoir each spring.

Then, about 2005, fishing in the reservoir, located just 18 miles east of Ashland, crashed.

The culprit was the illegal introduction of a surprisingly large list of invader fish: golden shiners, brown bullhead, black crappie, and both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

It’s a story that’s been repeated throughout Oregon for decades, when carefully managed fisheries of native or stocked fish are greatly damaged because of illegal introductions.

In these cases, individuals dump leftover live bait, possibly not realizing the harm. Others purposely add a different breed of fish in an attempt to alter the fishing grounds. Some also abandon fish and other sea life from a home aquarium or school project.

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Meet the Bio: Tom Rumreich

Tom RumreichWhen Tom Rumreich was hired by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, it was five days after he graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in fisheries science.

“Ever since I was 15 years old when I decided I wanted to be a fish biologist, I wanted to do something positive for fisheries resources,” Rumreich said.

And, in this career, as a Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program biologist, Rumreich said he’s had many opportunities to do exactly that. Continue Reading →

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Coos Umpqua Propagational Renewal

Eel Lake - umpqua propagational renewalEvery year on a Saturday in June, more than 250 children in the Reedsport area get to experience the thrill of fishing for themselves.

At the Eel Tenmile STEP Association’s fishing clinic, the kids also learn knot tying, fish identification, water safety, and how to cast with spinning rods and fly rods. The reward at the end is fishing for their own rainbow trout from a net pen attached to the dock at Eel Lake.

The objective is to teach kids practical skills and the lesson that fishing can be a fun hobby, one they can do throughout their lives. Continue Reading →

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Southwest Oregon Access Projects

Howard Prairie reservoir - southwest oregonThe Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and other organizations throughout the state, continue to improve boating and angling in Oregon lakes, rivers and streams. Here are a few highlights of improvements in the Southwest part of the state in recent months:

South Coast Fish District

Garrison Lake – Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has designated this lake as a trophy rainbow trout fishery, said District Fish Biologist Todd Confer. In Spring 2016, staff stocked the lake with 1,000 trout that were 2 pounds or larger in size, about six times larger than the typical fish stocked in that area. They will add another 1,300 trophy trout next spring.

Sixes River – In August, nonprofit Curry Citizens for Public Land Access improved the ODFW Mid-Drift Angling Access on the Sixes River. They cleared brush, and graded both the parking area and the access area onto the gravel bar. This will improve access for launching and landing drift boats during the fall Chinook salmon and winter steelhead fishing seasons. Continue Reading →

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Coastal Fall Chinook

Oregon Fall ChinookSalmon fishing is an Oregon tradition. And when the coastal fall Chinook season opens each year, anglers are ready to catch this large fish, a Pacific Northwest delicacy.

What they may not realize is what has happened behind the scenes, year-round, to make the fishing season a success.

Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program volunteers work continuously to spawn, raise and release fish. Meanwhile, Restoration and Enhancement program funds support their efforts by supplying fish food, improving their facilities and funding projects to improve fishing.

Together, these programs help provide a great catch for Oregon anglers. Continue Reading →

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